Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This story is the Three Billy Goats Gruff. It was written and illustrated by Paul Galdone. This story is an example of a folk tale. The characters in this story are: the youngest billy goat, the second billy goat, the third billy goat, and the troll. This story is about three billy goats named Gruff. They wanted to go up the hillside to a meadow to eat and get fat. But to get there, they had to cross a bridge guarded by a troll. The youngest billy goat went first. When the troll tries to eat him, the youngest goat tells him to wait for the second billy goat. When the second billy goat tries to cross the bridge, the troll tries to eat him. The second billy goat tells him to wait for the third and largest billy goat. When the third billy goat tries to cross the bridge, the troll tries to gobble him up, but the billy goat butts him with his horns. The troll falls off of the bridge, and the three billy goats go to the meadow to get fat. I really like this story because it is easy for the children to re-enact. They really love to be able to act out the story and are able to understand why the billy goats were so smart. This story is appropriate for grades Pre-k through 2nd.

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Angel Van Howe said...

I paged through this book at the library and almost checked it out. I agree that the kids could easily reenact this story. Did you feel that the pictures of the troll were a little on the "too scary" side? Maybe it's just that I'm scared of trolls, I don't know. I liked how the book emphasized team work to get the job done. Thanks for your post!